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Nintendo Switch | Steam


<Nintendo Switch & Steam Ver.1.0.5 Update Announcement>
Some terrain adjustments.
...Other minor adjustments and fixes.

<Nintendo Switch & Steam Ver.1.0.4 Update Announcement>
・Markers are now added to the areas of the map that have been traversed.
...and other minor adjustments and fixes.

<Nintendo Switch & Steam Ver.1.0.3 Update Announcement>
・On the difficulty level "Normal", all HP will be recovered when saving.
・Opening and closing conditions for stone doors.
・Difficulty level of some Enemies and Traps ...Other minor adjustments and fixes.

<Steam Ver.1.0.2 Update Announcement>
・Some terrain adjustments.
・Some camera adjustments....Other minor adjustments and fixes.

<Steam Ver.1.0.1 Update Announcement>
・Fixed a problem with difficulty selection
・Fixed a problem with some Enemies
・Fixed a problem with the controller
・Additional correction of audio defects ... Other minor adjustments and corrections.

<Nintendo Switch Ver.1.0.2 Update Announcement>
 ・Fixed a problem with the controller.
 ・Additional fixes for audio defects ...Other minor adjustments and fixes.

<Nintendo Switch Ver.1.0.1 Update Announcement>
 ・Fixed a bug in difficulty selection.
 ・Other minor adjustments and corrections have been made.


There are still ruins in the world that no one knows about.
In order to investigate its existence, Aaurae=Mawkish,
a member of the Royal Special Relics Investigation Department,
heads for the ancient ruins.

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Aaurae's weapon
Royal Special Relics Investigation Department

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Investigation department obtains a stratigraphic map of the target ruins.
A report on the inside of the ruins and the contact target <ENEMY> was also added.


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-Ruins of Deazniff-

Platforms : Nintendo Switch | Steam (Download Only)
Price : $19.99 ESRB:[T] Teen
Gernre : Spring Wire Action